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Raw ingredients Hulled Sesame We select all raw ingredients responsibly, ensuring you the best quality for all bellow products.

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What's the benefits of Buying from us..??
1. Most Important quality control from Ground zero. we visit factory regularly when your production going on. We check raw material sesame, Hulling process, Packing process  and hygienic condition of factory. 
2. Yours Control on direct Hulled Sesame Manufacturing through us.
3. Control on mixing of cheap price and low quality Bengal sesame seed when hulled sesame production. 
4. Best lowest price because we hear at well aware about local market. 
5. We work with Indian top 20 Quality Hulled Sesame Manufacturing factory so we get quality and best lowest price.
6. We personally  check each and every shipment when start production and packing and take picture also for quality control.
7. We prepare Shipment document  on time as per  Import country requirement and as per your shipment instruction. 
8. We offer price form only on Hulled sesame manufacturer not from trader or who is not manufacturer. 
How you know we really help in above things, and how you trust on us ??
Just try our service with only one container. If you are not satisfied with us for any reason you can black list us. 
Specifications of Hulled Sesame Seeds:        
Quality Purity Impurity F.F.A. Moisture
99.99% Premium Quality Auto-Dried & Sortexed 99.98% Min 0.01% Max 1% Max 4.50% Max
99.98% Semi Premium Quality Auto-Dried & Sortexed 99.97% Min 0.02% Max 1% Max 5% Max
99.97% Regular Quality Auto-Dried & Sortexed 99.96% Min 0.03% Max 1% Max 5% Max
99.95% Average Quality Auto-Dried & Sortexed 99.95% Min 0.05% Max 1% Max 5.50% Max


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